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aeSolutions believes that risk management is the core of Process Safety. Through our team of experienced facilitators and scribes, we help companies walk through the processes to ensure processes and procedures are in place. Our training starts at the beginning of the process with introduction courses and continues through more detailed methodology courses. aeSolutions offers trained facilitators and auditors to efficiently lead multi-disciplinary teams through various risk management assessments. Our team has a thorough understanding of the process safety lifecycle rooted in their industry experience in design, maintenance and operations.

Process Risk Management Training

PSM/RMP Awareness

This training covers general PSM/RMP awareness to all site employees. It goes through all the elements of PSM and RMP and how to implement their requirements.

Process Safety Leadership Workshops

aeSolutions offers an effective means to reach your leadership teams through a Process Safety Leadership Workshop. We understand the importance of their time and capitalize on the value of their collective ideas.  This training is an interactive course in which we facilitate group discussions and small breakout exercises around the five Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) tenets to help lay the framework for what perfect process safety looks like within your organization. Throughout the workshop, your leadership team will identify areas they can influence in their day to day activities and better understand the impact they have on process safety and their role in shaping process safety culture.

The workshop is a platform to start aligning goals and determining tangible actions as a leadership team.

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Process Safety Lifecycle

This training covers the process safety lifecycle which is a comprehensive evergreen risk management program that addresses both conformance and compliance. The lifecycle covers every process safety aspect including: assessment, definition, project execution, operations and maintenance.

Process Safety Compliance Auditing

This training provides rules and guidance for the development and management of audits including defining requirements for preparation, site visits, and reporting. The training focuses on processes covered under PSM and RMP regulatory requirements and maybe applied to additional processes.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

This training offers detailed guidelines for facilitating PHA studies. The training provides participants with expert instruction on the requirements and best practices involved with leading a PHA team and documenting a PHA study. The training covers SMART What-If Checklists and HAZOP methodologies.

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

This training covers how to use the LOPA methodology to perform a semi-quantitative evaluation of process safety risk.  The LOPA methodology considers higher consequence scenarios identified in the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to ensure proper safeguards, or Independent Protection Layers (IPLs), are in place to reduce risk to a tolerable level.   The training describes how to lead a LOPA team through this evaluation and provide final deliverables including LOPA study worksheets, IPL list, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) target assignments.

Independent Protection Layer (IPL) Validation

This training covers how to perform IPL validation and examine the key elements that qualifies a safeguard as an IPL. The training focuses on the five main requirement for all IPLs: independence, dependability, specificity, auditability and security.

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