Engineering automation training for your operations and maintenance needs.

aeSolutions’ family of products includes FM-approved fire and gas systems for industrial installations. The pre-engineered package is scalable and configurable to meet the client’s requirements. After these systems have been installed, our courses will help provide detailed operations and maintenance information to personnel using the systems.

ES15 Boiler Control Systems Engineering

This course covers boiler components and their purpose. Additionally, the course explains the ISA symbols used in boiler control, how to identify the engineering and control of boilers using these symbols, and a method of presenting the engineering. This course covers topics including defining the control and ratio control fundamentals, feed forward control, feed forward plus feed back control, cascade control, ratio control, and how they are implemented in boiler control. Also reviewed are control concepts, proportional control, proportional plus reset control, and proportional plus reset plus derivative control; what they are; and how they are used. Flame detection methods, including the advantages of each method, are also covered.

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ES16 Burner Management Systems (BMS) Engineering using NFPA 85 & ISA77

This course covers the safe start-up, monitoring, and shut-down of multiple burner boiler furnaces. It also discusses causes of furnace explosions and the relationship between burner management systems and boiler control systems. Prior attendance at ISA ES15: Boiler control Systems Engineering Course or an understanding of boilers ISA logoand boiler control is assumed.



Fire & Gas System (FGS) Operator Training

This course is geared toward operations personnel who will be using and monitoring the system.


Fire & Gas System (FGS) Maintenance Training

This course will provide detailed information about configuration, use, and maintenance of the FGS 1400 system. The course will also include troubleshooting steps for the various components of the system.



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