aeShield Safety Lifecycle Management System

aeShield® Safety Lifecycle Management System is a comprehensive platform for executing a sustainable risk management program through automation of the safety lifecycle process. The safety lifecycle management system provides a complete solution by maintaining relationships among the risk reduction targets, design verification calculations, inspection and test plans for integrity management, and actual historical data. aeShield tracks and analyzes PSI, providing alerts and reports on process safety health in real time, facilitating compliance with ISA84.00.01/IEC 61511 and the related requirements of OSHA 1910.119.

Why aeShield?

Safety Lifecycle Management Software

SIS Design & SIL Engine

Safety for your organization and the communities in which it resides is of paramount importance. You wouldn’t settle for anything other than the best for your safety implementation, why do anything less for the facility risk management software solution to support it? aeShield® with aeFacilitator® is the only application that covers the entire safety lifecycle which also has the backing of a company offering solutions from every portion of the safety lifecycle. Our facility risk management software brings all your safety processes from HAZOP/LOPA through O&M under one roof.

Migrating existing data into a new application can be exhaustive and expensive. This pain can lead to derailing implementation efforts thus eliminating the intended value add. In addition, previous investments were made to get the existing data into the format it currently resides in. Read how Data Conversion is made simple with aeShield.

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