aeFacilitator® Evergreen Risk Assessment

aeFacilitator® is a tool for process risk management that enables users to facilitate and effectively execute HAZOP and LOPA studies. The time and hard work put into hazard and operability analysis and layer of protection analysis studies should not go to waste. Results stored in separate systems or worse, those filed away, do not help provide an overall up-to-date picture of your safety program. aeFacilitator gives you the ability to complete full HAZOP and LOPA studies while integrating with SIS design and provide a feedback loop into reporting and health meters to keep operations up-to-date. 

Key assumptions can be validated and more informed decisions be made which lead to better results moving forward. We provide both a web-based and offline desktop application so your data can be quickly and reliably collected virtually anywhere. Don’t spend valuable time performing a study only to have non-integrated data. Utilize aeFacilitator to have fully integrated study results.

  • Supports Evergreen PHA concepts
  • Transitions effectively from Cause OR Consequence based HAZOP to Consequence based LOPA
  • Standardizes methodologies across an enterprise
  • Centralizes data for future usability and multi-study analysis
  • Offers unlimited user access per facility
  • Leverages AsBuilt protection layer information
  • Builds action plans for gap closure
  • Ensures accountability and verification during project execution

Migrating existing data into a new application can be exhaustive and expensive. This pain can lead to derailing implementation efforts thus eliminating the intended value add. In addition, previous investments were made to get the existing data into the format it currently resides in. Read how Data Conversion is made simple with aeShield and aeFacilitator.

PHA Study Software Tool

Cause-Based and Consequence-Based PHA Study Tool

LOPA Study Software Tool

LOPA Tool with Calculations Immediately Available in Real-Time











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