Industrial Safety Instrumented Systems

Critical decisions made after the PHA/LOPA and before detailed design have significant impacts later in the lifecycle; aeSolutions can reduce your financial risk of late discoveries on capital projects with safety instrumented systems, or SIS engineering.

aeSolutions has a unique process to design and implement ISA84/IEC 61511-compliant industrial safety instrumented systems. We integrate intimate knowledge and experience in PHA/LOPA along with control system hardware and field instrumentation to ensure that Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) are clearly defined.

In addition to industrial safety instrumented systems, aeSolutions works with clients in all aspects of the process safety lifecycle. We understand that critical decisions made in the analysis phase have significant impacts later in the lifecycle, and we will help you reduce the financial risk of late

discoveries on your capital projects. Our full understanding of the process safety lifecycle and produces a more effective safety program, resulting in an overall cost savings to you.

The true value of aeSolutions’ integrated approach to SIS engineering:

  • Ensures IPL verification and selection is well defined to minimize rework

  • Demonstrates that your designs comply with ISA84/IEC 61511 from the beginning

  • Optimizes capital costs against proof test frequencies

  • Ensures the optimization of process safety and runtime reliability

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