Process Safety Operations & Maintenance Services

At aeSolutions, we’re committed to serving clients throughout the process lifecycle through, even after commissioning, with our process safety operations and maintenance services. Whether we’re designing maintenance plans, performing functional testing, or documenting process safety compliance, our trained and experienced experts work closely with our clients to develop maintenance safety programs to ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable operation throughout the life of the facility.

Our commitment to safety, integrity, quality, innovation, and respect drives our passion to offer world-class process safety operations and maintenance services to our clients. Our deep understanding of the IEC 61511 / ISA 84 standards support our ability to make these programs effective and sustainable.

If you’d like to know about our operations and maintenance safety program, please contact aeSolutions today.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Operator and Maintenance Training & Procedures

At aeSolutions we understand that successful implementation of an integrated Process Safety Program takes informed employees utilizing effective procedures. aeSolutions assists our clients with the development of operating and maintenance programs by focusing on 8 key elements essential to maintaining a safe operating environment. The key elements include:

  • Definitions of skills and knowledge
  • Design of operating and maintenance procedures
  • Initial qualifications assessment
  • Selection and development of training program
  • Measuring performance and effectiveness
  • Instructor selection
  • Records management
  • Ongoing performance and refresher training

Our team is skilled in providing the essential training to keep complex processes and equipment on the path to safe operations.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans are an ongoing process that evolve as best practices emerge based upon design, benchmarking, root cause investigations and employee communications. Our team can help develop effective plans for operations and safety departments that utilize both predictive and proactive approaches to maintain critical equipment.

Proof Test Procedures

Test Procedures include detailed steps to fully test for undetected failures for either a full function or for the individual devices that comprise that function, depending on customer requirements. The limitations and constraints of testing are explored and documented during the development of the Proof Test Philosophy and taken into account in the Safety Requirement Specification.

aeSolutions has a library of proven procedures to choose from when building a testing package, and we have the expertise to work with clients to implement effective testing, failure classification, and feedback mechanisms to validate reliability data claimed in Risk Analysis and SIL Verification.

Functional Safety Lifecycle Data Management

The management and feedback of data encompasses a required series of tasks that validate and adjust assumed variables assigned in Risk Assessment and SIL Verification processes. Comprehensive documentation of functional testing will allow end-users to utilize the data to validate and/or adjust assumed failure rates used in the SIL Verification process, identify and eliminate problematic equipment and systematic failures, and build a Proven-In-Use database of devices to be used in similar applications. Demand tracking of the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) allows the end user to determine whether data assigned in Risk Analysis (such as initiating event frequencies, IPL effectiveness, frequency modifiers) are valid. The management of this data for the use of feedback into the Safety Lifecycle is difficult to achieve on paper. Automated data management tools allow the end user to benefit from the integration of refined “actual” data back into the Risk Assessment assumptions, maximize integrity by identifying “bad actors”, and comply to the requirements of IEC 61511.

Management of Change (MOC) Program Development & Implementation

Changes often occur in facilities that produce, use, handle and store hazardous materials.  Managing these changes to ensure that failures are not introduced are essential to ensuring the safety of the employees and functional systems of a facility.

aeSolutions can provide leadership in developing and improving your Management of Change system.  It is essential that leadership supports the Management of Change process and provides the necessary stewardship to ensure proper system integrity and ongoing regulatory compliance.

Process Safety Management/Risk Management Plan (PSM/RMP) Program Development & Implementation

Navigating the process of PSM/RMP Program Development and Implementation can be overwhelming.  aeSolutions can assist with developing and implementing all elements required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), PSM Standard, 29 CFR 1910.119, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), RMP Rule, Part 40 CFR 68.

aeSolutions has the knowledge and experience to assist with all levels of PSM/RMP development and implementation, from high level gap and applicability assessments to complete PSM/RMP site program development, including drafting procedures and creating mechanical integrity programs.

Our team has assisted many clients from global corporations to single unmanned sites with PSM/RMP program development and implementation.  We have experienced staff with industry experience who work closely with clients to customize programs to meet all their regulatory and internal expectations.

Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Testing Services

Once proof test procedures are developed for an SIS, having a competent staff with the time to execute these newly developed testing procedures is critical to the long term success. Whether the need is for initial training and assistance during the rollout of proof test procedures or mechanical integrity program, or staff augmentation during turnarounds; our staff of SIS knowledgeable and competent instrumentation technicians are available to assist you.

Alarm Management Systems

aeSolutions provides services and systems to bring the client’s alarm management practices into compliance with the standards that are now required for hazardous processes.

Poor alarm management has been a critical factor in major process safety incidents. The new requirements address the effectiveness of alarms and the ability of operating personnel to respond promptly and correctly.

aeSolutions can supply expertise at all stages of alarm management including consulting, training, and facilitating rationalization teams, followed by full design and implementation services.

  • IEC 62682, ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191
  • Alarm management training seminars
  • Alarm philosophy document
  • Alarm Master Data Base
  • Alarm rationalization, classification, prioritization
  • Alarm suppression and shelving logic
  • Alarm summaries, journals, hit lists
  • Alarm audible / visual annunciation

Info Sheet

Corporate SIS Project Standards Development

For clients who do not yet have Standards and Procedures for the implementation of Risk Assessment and Safety Instrumented Systems on your projects, aeSolutions can consult with your team to collect pertinent data and develop Risk Assessment Standards, SIL Selection Standards, Functional Safety Assessment Templates, and SIS Design and Implementation Standards. We have worked with many companies to enhance their existing standards, or develop new standards. We supplement the standards development with training of your staff at all levels – from executive management, to divisional management, to onsite management, operations, maintenance, and engineering staff.