.Security Operations: Establish resiliency

No one can create perfect security; in fact, experts agree that you should assume you will be breached. Therefore ‘protection’ is not enough – you must become ‘cyber resilient’ by mastering the practice of Security Operations: Rapid Detection, Effective Incident Response and Efficient System Recovery.

Security Operations Practices. aeSolutions has developed tools, techniques and templates to assist our customers to develop their Asset Management and Vulnerability Management practices, create and validate their Incident Response Plans, and assist with evaluating options to establish and staff a Security Operations Center (internal/MSSP/hybrid).

Security Operations Lab. Customers are encouraged to visit our Houston offices where we have established an ICS equipment/product testing lab. In addition to the ability to evaluate and test ICS IT and OT equipment, we have strategic relationships with several vendors of ICS Anomaly Detection products, and we can assist customers with hands-on product-comparison evaluations.





Monitor Your ICS

Security Tool Evaluation

• ICS Anomaly Detection Deployment

• SIEM integration

• SOC Design / Implementation

• Threat Intelligence

Malware Prevention

Vulnerability / Patch Management




Maintain Your Resilience

ICS Asset Inventory Maintenance

• Network Diagram Maintenance

• ICS Anomaly Detection Optimization

Backup/Recovery Maintenance

ICS Change Management

• Incident Response Planning

• Cybersecurity Service Agreements