.Security Implementation: Mitigate system vulnerabilities

The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), combined with the inter-connectedness of modern industrial operations, has created vast business value, but it has also created vast risk to operations and safety.

Undiscovered or unmitigated vulnerabilities can increase your attack surface. Network misconfigurations can cause unexpected downtimes. By adapting well-known vulnerability-management practices (such as aeCyberPatch™ patch management) or creating brand-new network optimization tools (such as aePCNOptimize™ network misconfiguration analysis), aeSolutions has developed tools, techniques and templates to help you segment and harden your networks, systems and accounts. We can help you to systematically identify, prioritize and mitigate your critical vulnerabilities and effectively reduce your attack surface to thwart would-be attackers.



Optimize and Harden Your PCN

• PCN Security

Detailed PCN assessment & optimization

• Detailed Mitigation Plans

Zone & Conduit Modeling

Network Segmentation

Secure Wireless Networking

ICS Firewalls

• Network Device Hardening

ICS Architecture (DMZ)

Directory/Domain Services

Secure Remote Access / PAM


Optimize and Harden Your OT Assets

• Detailed OT asset assessment

• Detailed mitigation plans

OS Hardening

Patch Management

Device hardening

• PLC Security (e.g. FactoryTalk® Security)

Configuration Management

Backup / Recovery

• Application Whitelisting

• Secure Media Exchange