Create Executive Reports

Reports tailored for executive and board level presentation


Multi-site vulnerability and risk assessments are performed to determine the risk profile of various manufacturing sites and generate a risk register with a prioritized list of recommendations.  These results are used by the program management team to develop summary reports for senior management and the board to help develop remediation planning and budget allocation.  The reports produced are concise yet deliver the overarching results in a format that is easy to understand, analyze and plan a future road map.

Typically multi-site risk assessments yield hundreds of recommendations spread across several sites.  Some recommendations apply across the entire enterprise, while others are site specific.  The recommendations may also need to be evaluated against corporate standards as well as industry standards such as NIST CSF and ISA 62443.  aeSolutions has developed multiple templates for summarizing and presenting the data.  These templates can be customized and adjusted per client specific requirements.  Examples of such report templates are shown in the figures below.

Example 1:  A template to map the gap analysis results to NIST Tiers – Partial, Risk Informed, Repeatable, and Adaptive


Example 2:  Risk based view of the site risk profile (Risk rankings High, Medium, Low)

Example 3:  Current maturity level and a phased approach to future target state