Some of the benefits of using aeCyberSolutions :

•  We are uniquely experienced helping companies develop ICS security programs, frameworks, policies and practices.

•  We are multi-disciplined, with combined Process Control, Process Safety, & Industrial Cybersecurity expertise.

•  We are familiar with industrial operation and we regularly work on-site in plants, facilities and factories.

•  We are leaders in ICS cybersecurity standards development (e.g. ISA/IEC 62443).

•  We are pioneers in ICS cybersecurity risk assessment as the developer of the aeCyberPHA methodology.

•  We are authors and instructors for numerous ICS cybersecurity training courses.

•  We are a deeply experienced with an average industry experience of 18+ years.

•  We are a team of credentials professionals (CISSP, GICSP, 62443 Expert, C | EH, CCNA, CCDA, MSCE, CFSE, PMP, etc)

• We have the staff, skills and experience to design and implement ICS cybersecurity mitigations.

•  We don’t ‘sell-then-switch’– when you meet with us, you’re meeting with the people who do the work.

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