Unsupported ICS: Not an Easy Upgrade

By Gregory Hale, Writer | Marco Ayala, aeSolutions Contributor | Published: October 7, 2015 ISS Source.com

Industrial control system (ICS) software moving into the unsupported realm is a true fear and problem for users. Just what can they do?

Yes, the quick answer is just to simply upgrade, but in the complex world of ICSes that is easier said than done. Then, which inevitably will happen, a vulnerability crops up in the unsupported system, which just happened. In that case, an upgrade will take time to test to make sure the user irons out all compatibility issues. Risks just don’t stop because you are aware of a vulnerability. Keeping a system running with a vulnerability is a risky endeavor. The user needs to take some type of action.

Read on for pros and cons, hidden vulnerabilities, and protection recommendations around an ICS upgrade.

Read Full Article: ISSSource – Unsupported ICS: Not an Easy Upgrade


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