aeSolutions President’s Message to our Clients and Partners Regarding COVID-19

Updated: May 15

Dear Client or Partner:

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve I would like to provide more detailed information about the steps we are taking for the safety of our employees, our clients and our communities while still maintaining business as usual to the greatest extent practical. We are using the latest guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) to update these actions as necessary.

Remote / Teleworking

For years aeSolutions has offered teleworking and flexible scheduling for certain positions and has robust technology and processes in place to support this type of work. 100% of our employees have laptops and last year the entire company transitioned to Office 365 making it easier than ever to collaborate via Teams, Skype, and other virtual meeting tools. All of our employees have full mobile access to all of our IT platforms through their personal mobile devices provided they have agreed to the terms of our remote connection policies. Our on-premise IT equipment is located in a 3rd party SOC 2 Type 2 compliant datacenter. Due to the COVID-19 situation we are encouraging employees across the company to work from home. To fully support the transition to more remote work this month we invested in tripling our VPN bandwidth. Our IT staff is working flexible hours to support our staff across 4 time zones with the extra help they may need to get up and running remotely quickly and efficiently. We are prepared to implement any additional work-from-home guidance from the CDC or local authorities should it become necessary.  With the technology and infrastructure that we have in place we are well-positioned to continue to deliver our professional services through a remote workforce and to continue to meet your expectations for timely, high-quality work.

Health and Safety

The health, safety, and security of our employees, partners, and our communities are our top concern. We require that employees who are ill to stay home and not report to work, and have advised our workforce that if they have family in their homes who are exhibiting symptoms they should stay home as well. In addition to our telework options, we also offer a paid time off program to ensure employees can take time to manage their health needs. For those employees who do come to the office, we have been disinfecting common areas twice a day, and have made access throughout the office easier by keeping doors open, reducing the need to touch certain high-traffic areas. We are also taking steps to protect our staff working in the field, sharing sanitizer and disinfecting supplies so they can be prepared at remote jobsites. We are also following all guidelines issued by the CDC relating to international and domestic travel, including strict quarantine rules if an employee has traveled to any of the high-risk areas identified by the CDC.  We have created a COVID-19 Awareness Center available for all employees, giving them access to the latest resources and information, and ensuring they have an easy way to alert us to situations which may require personalized assistance. Our 5-person HR & HSSE team are devoting approximately 80% of their collective time to monitoring the COVID-19 situation and ensuring our company is taking all possible steps to keep our employees healthy. We have established a COVID-19 Response Team made up of our executive and senior leadership. This team meets twice weekly to get the latest updates so that all business decisions can be made in consideration of the latest available information.

Travel and Meetings

aeSolutions has restricted all international and non-essential business travel for staff through March 31st, 2020. We are evaluating travel needs beyond that carefully and will update these restrictions based on the best available guidance at the time. We are also completing risk assessments of any domestic travel that is deemed essential in order to advise our employees on how to avoid any identified risks. We have also asked all employees to evaluate in-person meeting needs, and to default to the CDC-recommended online meetings whenever possible. This goes for internal meetings with project teams, as well as external meetings with our partners and clients.

We’re Still Here for You

We understand that many of our clients are implementing similar travel and visitor restrictions at their sites and may even require non-essential employees to work from home, negatively impacting their ability to plan and execute critical projects. Due to the steps aeSolutions has taken with our technology and infrastructure most of our consulting and engineering professional services can be executed by a completely remote workforce, from start to finish, even in these uncertain times. Please contact us for more information.

We are honored that you have chosen aeSolutions as your process safety, industrial cybersecurity, and automation lifecycle partner.  As we work through this challenging situation together, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, or needs.




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