Pharmaceutical Case Study: Gas Detection System Design & Installation


This client’s core business is manufacturing pharmaceuticals. They identified a risk involving natural gas and the need for equipment outside their core area.


The natural gas leak detection solution required interlock to isolate natural gas to the building. During the analysis aeSolutions identified that the customer needed:

  • Gas detector placement for sensors based on leak source analysis
  • Audible and visual notification for interior and exterior of building
  • Remote HMI mounted outside the main entrance of the building to allow assessment of alarm conditions inside
  • System status communication to main guard house
  • Gas sensors and audible and visual notification appliances

For their solution, aeSolutions was able to use their standard fire and gas system (FGS1300) and modify it for the customer’s specific application. Main features of the system include:

  • Continuous monitoring of gas detectors
  • Health monitoring of field wiring, open circuit, short circuit, and ground faults
  • Diagnostic monitoring from gas detectors
  • 24VDC UPS with 24-hr backup capability
  • Local and remote HMIs; main overview screen, detail screens, system status screens, alarm and event screens, maintenance screens, and help screen
  • Controls ventilation and dampers for hazard mitigation
  • Monitors up to 40 detectors
  • Mountable in water tight enclosure (NEMA 4)
  • Installs in Class 1, Div 2 hazardous areas (including battery set)

Client Benefits

  • Integrated into their existing automation architecture
  • Scaled to their application – bought only what they needed
  • Worked with a wide variety of pre-approved detectors for maximum flexibility
  • Supported detector bypassing for system maintenance
  • Tracks and self-documents testing results
  • Easy HMI interface utilizes comprehensive state of the art diagnostics for system monitoring, predictive maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Deliverable in 10-12 weeks

…Working with aeSolutions to develop the requirements and specifications for the system was without issue…The system…has worked without incident. I would recommend…aeSolutions for the protection of facilities with gas fire steam boilers. Glenn Spear, Janssen Pharmaceutical