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August 2019



The latest online content from aeSolutions, an integrated lifecycle partner in process safety, industrial cybersecurity and automation.



Test the Integrity of your Process Safety Program
with a Drill Down Audit

This methodology exposes the pain points and, most importantly, the sources of those points by digging deep into the
management system processes around Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)/Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Process Safety Information (PSI), Mechanical Integrity, Operating Procedures,
and Management of Change (MOC). 



Cyber PHA – The Perfect Technique to Ensure Your
Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are Cyber Secure

Standards will give best practices and guidance, but ultimately an asset owner really needs to select a security
risk assessment methodology tailored toward assessing ICS and SIS




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aeSolutions Tip of the Month:


Include the impact of imperfect manual testing in
your PFD calculations, but be prepared for the results!

 The latest version of the ISA/IEC 61511 standard states that imperfect manual testing must be considered in performance calculations. How much of an impact would you expect lowering the proof test coverage from an idealistic 100% down to 95% or 90% might have?Just 5 or 10%? Modeling a well-designed non-redundant function with reasonable values, and assuming a 15-year life (mission time), when the manual test coverage drops to 95%, the risk reduction factor is reduced 46%. If the manual test coverage drops to 90%, the risk reduction factor is reduced 63%. Manual test coverage values much below 90% may prevent a non-redundant function from even meeting SIL 2. And assuming a 90% proof test coverage is optimistic considering most testing regimes. Assumptions that can potentially vary the final answer by more than a factor of two – and potentially prevent the function from meeting the SIL target – are significant enough to warrant paying attention to.


Our Industrial Cybersecurity

pages have a new look


Explore our four pillars of cybersecurity:

It’s now easier to navigate our aeCyber™ suite of services to see what we can do to help you develop your strategy, assess your risk, create a sustainable program, and remediate your gaps and vulnerabilities.




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