Improving Human Factors Review in PHA and LOPA

by Dave Grattan, P.E., CFSE

A large portion of this paper will be to describe with practical examples the five tools mentioned above.
Task analysis is a talk‐through and walk‐through exercise of a task (typically focusing on one or two
critical steps of a procedure) that is used to identify error likely situations (ELS). Quantitative human
error rates can be attached to the ELS depending on if the error is associated with skill, rule, or
knowledge (SRK) based performance. Systematic biases produced by Type 1 (fast) thinking cause
judgment and diagnosis errors related to response to abnormal situations.

Having a working knowledge of these five tools will improve a PHA‐LOPA facilitator’s awareness and
ability to better evaluate human error related scenarios and Barrier failure. In addition the facilitator
will feel confident about recommending the need for a more detailed follow‐up study such as an HRA
(Human Reliability Analysis).

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