Configuring Firewalls for OT Networks

Configuration, testing and commissioning of firewalls for OT networks

What is the function of a firewall?

Firewalls are networked devices consisting of hardware and/or software for segmenting networks and preventing unauthorized access to critical ICS assets. However, a firewall is only as good as its configuration. Proper configuration of firewalls requires not only a skilled operator trained on the particular brand of firewall but also requires considerable understanding of process control network,  industrial protocols and control system applications. Small mistakes can render a firewall worthless as a security appliance.

aeSolutions has extensive experience in designing, configuring and commissioning firewalls in industrial applications. We have experience in all major brands of firewalls, whether they be general-purpose IT firewalls used to segregate the ICS networks from company business networks or industrial firewalls used to protect individual zones and conduits.  Our team has experience with firewalls from a variety of manufacturers such as Tofino, Phoenix Contact mGuard,  Cisco ASA, SonicWall, Siemens Scalance, Downstream, etc.

Description of the Service

A typical firewall configuration service includes both offsite analysis and onsite visits:

  • Project Planning, preparation, and status updates

  • Firewall rules rationalization

  • Configure and Testing of rules and devices

  • Evaluate/Fine tune rules based on Syslog & other testing

  • Vulnerability Scan and Discovery based on current firmware version

  • Help develop roll out planning and further status updates

Service Deliverables

  1. Firewall Migration Planning and Deployment

  2. Rules Optimization Report

  3. Configuration and Features Validation Testing

  4. Vendor Evaluation Reports

  5. Training and documentation for administering and maintaining the firewall

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