About Us

In 1998, our founders, Brian Merriman, Ken O’Malley and Mike Scott, created Applied Engineering Solutions, Inc. because they saw a need to help redefine the process safety and engineering lifecycle. They chose Greenville, South Carolina for their headquarters, but have since opened offices in Anchorage, Alaska and Houston, Texas. All three locations provide process control and process safety consulting, engineering, and integration services, are all collectively referred to as aeSolutions, and share a common corporate identity. The Anchorage office operates as a limited liability company.

aeSolutions offers performance-based process safety engineering, industrial cybersecurity, and automation solutions with proven processes that ensure consistent project execution, while helping customers optimize safety, quality and production. We are committed to providing engineering services that enable our clients to sustainably own, operate, and maintain their process facilities. Following its original vision of providing Value-Driven Engineering, aeSolutions continues to anticipate and exceed the expectations of their customers, employees, and the market.

aeSolutions Companies:

  • Applied Engineering Solutions, Inc. – Greenville, South Carolina; Houston, Texas
  • aeSolutions Alaska, LLC – Anchorage, Alaska