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Simulation and Factory Acceptance Testing


aeSolutions builds process simulation test beds to prove that controls and operator interfaces will function in accordance with project requirements.


A FAT plan with checklists lets the client’s representatives test every loop and HMI screen against the Software Design Specification. Quality of workmanship can be reviewed.  Punch list items are resolved before shipping the system.

  • Approved FAT test plan
  • FAT test results and punch list disposition
  • Option 1. Simulation panels hardwired to the real system I/O cards to emulate field devices.
  • Option 2. Simulation logic configured in the real controllers while ignoring real I/O racks.
  • Option 3. Simulation computers that interface to the real controller’s I/O bus in place of the real I/O racks
  • Option 4. Simulation server systems that emulate the real controllers and I/O (for testing logic configurations without controller hardware).