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Combustion Control Solutions

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Drive risk out of the business and maximize availability of your fired equipment by engaging aeSolutions Burner Management System and Combustion Control System experts. Our experts are active on NFPA, API, IEC and ISA committees to ensure that code compliance is built into everything we deliver.

Combustion Control is Key

At the end of the day, control of your air/fuel ratio and combustion zone is the key to safety, fuel efficiency, heat transfer rates, performance and integrity. 

Our solutions come from experience:

  • 30 years as safety and control system integrators across multiple platforms

  • 20 plus years executing Burner Management System (BMS) and Combustion Control projects.

  • Code Compliance: NFPA 85, 86, 87 and API 556 authorities

  • ISA 84 TR 05, SIS for Burner Management Systems Chair 

  • IEC 61511 Committee Member

  • ISA ES15 & ES16 Instructor

  • Integrated Process Safety Services to support risk-based engineering

  • Standardized BMS product line

  • Grandfathering, migration and capital project support

  • Test Plan development and execution support

BMS and Combustion Solutions

Experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Industrial Gas Processes and Unit Operations including:

•    Boilers
•    Heat Recovery Steam Generators
•    Thermal Oxidizers
•    Process Heaters
•    Direct Fired Heaters
•    Reboilers

•    Bath Heaters
•    Reformers
•    Vaporizers
•    Incinerators
•    Kilns


Safety Instrumented Burner Management Systems

Fired equipment is found throughout the process industry in many applications, including various types of boilers, incinerators, reboilers, bath heaters, process heaters, etc. The hazards associated with the burner operation are managed by an instrumented system commonly referred to as the Burner Management Systems (BMS).

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