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Reducing systematic failures reduces risk

January 9, 2020

[Updated 01/21/2020 to now include download of relevant whitepaper] Functional safety engineers are immersed in performance calculations involving failure rates, diagnostic coverage, proof test intervals, common cause and much more. It’s easy for engineers to focus on math. Yet such modeling only accounts for random hardware failures. But what percentage errors shown in the well-known […]

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How to keep the alarm management lifecycle evergreen

October 3, 2019

It is commonly touted that once a plant rationalizes their alarms, they have completed the alarm management lifecycle. Nothing could be further from the truth. So what can an organization do to keep the alarm lifecycle alive and evergreen?   Alarm management is the collection of processes and practices for determining, documenting, designing, operating, monitoring, […]

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The significant financial benefits of proper front end loading on a Burner Management System project

November 16, 2017

aeSolutions agrees with the findings of the Construction Industry Institute (CII). The CII has done extensive research on improving project success. Through quantitative analysis of 62 projects, as noted in Analysis of Pre-Project Planning Effort and Success Variables for Capital Facility Projects, they found that the front end loading (FEL) “effort level directly affects the […]

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NFPA 85, 86 and 87 – Buyer Beware

September 22, 2016

The latest 2015 editions of NFPA 85, 86 and 87 partially invoke the concepts of a Safety Instrumented System as defined by ISA S84 / IEC 61511. In the US, these standards / codes cover the majority of installed Burner Management Systems (BMS) associated with boilers, HRSGs, dryers, ovens, fluid heaters, incinerators, thermal oxidizers, etc. […]

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HIPPS Justification

March 16, 2016

What’s a HIPPS and where are they used? There are two common applications for a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS). First, many process facilities have expanded to the point where the original pressure relieving and flare system may no longer be able to handle a potential event. Preventing a potential overpressure through the use […]

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Burner Management Systems standards in NFPA now include ISA 84 linking paragraphs

March 2, 2016

The NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) standards 85, 86, and 87 cover burner management systems (BMS) used on boilers, ovens and furnaces, and fluid heaters. The use of these standards is prevalent in North America, and even in some other parts of the world. Historically, these standards have been very prescriptive. For example, for decades […]

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Upcoming changes in IEC 61511 on Safety Instrumented Systems

January 7, 2016

The ISA (International Society of Automation) 84 standard (“Application of Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries”) was first published in 1996. During the time of its development, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) was working on the 61511 standard (“Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector”). Some members of the ISA 84 […]

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