ICSJWG: ‘If it Isn’t Secure, it Isn’t Safe’

August 31, 2018

” A plant floor may appear to look the same today as it did 40 years ago, but the reality is, things are night and day different. “Equipment hasn’t changed, but if you lift the hood, everything has changed,” said John Cusimano, vice president industrial cyber security at aeSolutions during a Tuesday session entitled, “IACS […]

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Encouraging Kids to Seek Engineering Careers

August 24, 2018

A unique new book was just released profiling of Working Engineers for Students, Guidance Counselors, Mentors, and Teachers.  aeSolutions’ EVP of Process Safety & Lifecycle Solutions, Kathy Shell, was interviewed by Dr. Edwards for the book. Summary This book conveys the scope of chemical and biomolecular engineering practice, with a goal of helping students interested […]

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Maintaining Compliance for Fired Devices

August 9, 2018

“Fired devices are stringently regulated for process industries, so be sure to keep up with governing standards. But what sorts of changes would trigger a need to comply with the latest version of the standard? Fired devices are perhaps the most stringently regulated equipment used in the process industries. NFPA 85/86/87 are the governing standards […]

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ICS Network Detection Products: Selecting and evaluating the right solution for your ICS environment

July 9, 2018

Monitoring ICS networks for potential security incidents is an important element of any mature ICS cybersecurity program.  However, until recently, implementing intrusion or anomaly detection on ICS networks was not very practical because commercially available intrusion detection systems (IDS), designed for enterprise IT networks, were not capable of analyzing the unique protocols used in industrial […]

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RMP Reconsideration Rule Issued by the EPA

May 25, 2018

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt signed a proposed rule requesting comment on proposed changes to the final RMP Amendments (40 CFR Part 68) which have a delayed effective date of February 2019. The proposed rule would rescind several of the amendments proposed in January 2017. The RMP Reconsideration Rule proposes the […]

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The Importance of Thorough System Testing

May 15, 2018

Properly performed tests can provide a high level of assurance that a system will not have problems in startup and operation. Short of that, problems can prevail. All automation projects ideally follow a process that reflects the classic systems engineering V model, whereby a need is identified, which drives requirements. Requirements are analyzed and broken […]

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