Burner Management Systems Blog

Learn the associated hazards and design requirements of Burner Management Systems

October 28, 2019

Fired equipment is found throughout the process industry in many applications, including various types of boilers, ovens, kilns, incinerators, reboilers, bath heaters, process heaters, furnaces, etc. The hazards associated with the burner operation are managed by an instrumented system commonly referred to as the burner management system (BMS). The BMS provides interlocks and permissives to […]

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A simple strategy to drive consistency in the design of burner management systems (BMSs)

July 2, 2019

Everyone wants to provide a safe atmosphere for workers, facilities and the surrounding environment. The greatest risk in many process facilities comes from fired equipment. Burner management systems (BMSs) are the safety instrumented systems specific to fired equipment. The greatest challenge many asset owners face while evaluating the adequacy of their existing BMS designs comes […]

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Cost considerations for burner management systems (BMS)

May 17, 2019

(and where picking safety integrity levels on burner management systems makes sense) Safety is always a primary concern at any industrial site, and for good reason. But how much should you pay for that safety? While that question may have seemed blasphemous in days gone by, in today’s highly competitive business environment, unnecessary costs of […]

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How to Be Compliant With Your Burner Management System

February 5, 2018

Fired equipment is dangerous and requires special attention, engineering knowledge, experience and training. What does a risk-based equivalent BMS design actually mean? And how can you be sure your equipment is safe? Implementing a burner management system (BMS) requires a competent engineering team to design and deliver a compliant system that is safe to operate. […]

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The significant financial benefits of proper front end loading on a Burner Management System project

November 16, 2017

aeSolutions agrees with the findings of the Construction Industry Institute (CII). The CII has done extensive research on improving project success. Through quantitative analysis of 62 projects, as noted in Analysis of Pre-Project Planning Effort and Success Variables for Capital Facility Projects, they found that the front end loading (FEL) “effort level directly affects the […]

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