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Case Study of a Safety Instrumented Burner Management System (SI-BMS)

by Mike Scott, P.E., CFSE, aeSolutions Founder 

This case study will discuss the application of the safety lifecycle as defined by ANSI/ISA 84.00.01‐2004 (IEC
61511 mod) to two single burner multiple fuel boilers. Each boiler is capable of firing natural gas, oil and/or
waste gas, in order to supply the plant header with 1,365 psig steam at a maximum capacity of 310,000
lb/hr. The project team included the end client task force at the manufacturing facility, the engineering firm
with design/procurement responsibility, the boiler OEM, the burner/gas train OEM, and the safety
instrumented system consultant. This paper will cover:

  • the development of a SIS front end loading package

  • the project cost savings realized attributed to following the safety lifecycle

  • the challenges encountered during the design process associated with the implementation of the safety lifecycle across a diverse project team

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