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Usman Khan is a Professional Engineer in multiple North American jurisdictions with over 19 years of experience in instrumentation controls and process safety in the oil and gas and chemical industries. His technical expertise and experience is centered around multi-discipline engineering as well as operations of oil and gas assets. Usman’s work passion is centered around safety in design specifically around fired equipment. Usman was most recently the I&C and Process Safety Technical Authority for an operating oil and gas company where he managed the full design lifecycle of a multi-billion greenfield project and set company technical standards in addition to his regular day job of supporting existing producing assets. With his 360-degree experience working for instrumentation and control OEMs, EPCs and oil and gas companies in a wide variety of roles in project management and operations, Usman brings a unique perspective to the table. Usman is currently serving in an engineering leadership role, managing a group of engineers and safety professionals for aeSolutions’ Houston office.

Posts by Usman Khan:

July 2, 2019

A simple strategy to drive consistency in the design of burner management systems (BMSs)

Everyone wants to provide a safe atmosphere for workers, facilities and the surrounding environment. The greatest risk in many process facilities comes from fired equipment. Burner management systems (BMSs) are the safety instrumented systems specific to fired equipment. The greatest challenge many asset owners face while evaluating the adequacy of their existing BMS designs comes […]

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May 17, 2019

Cost considerations for burner management systems (BMS)

(and where picking safety integrity levels on burner management systems makes sense) Safety is always a primary concern at any industrial site, and for good reason. But how much should you pay for that safety? While that question may have seemed blasphemous in days gone by, in today’s highly competitive business environment, unnecessary costs of […]

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August 9, 2018

Maintaining Compliance for Fired Devices

“Fired devices are stringently regulated for process industries, so be sure to keep up with governing standards. But what sorts of changes would trigger a need to comply with the latest version of the standard? Fired devices are perhaps the most stringently regulated equipment used in the process industries. NFPA 85/86/87 are the governing standards […]

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February 5, 2018

How to Be Compliant With Your Burner Management System

Fired equipment is dangerous and requires special attention, engineering knowledge, experience and training. What does a risk-based equivalent BMS design actually mean? And how can you be sure your equipment is safe? Implementing a burner management system (BMS) requires a competent engineering team to design and deliver a compliant system that is safe to operate. […]

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