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Sarah Manelick is an Alarm Management Principal Specialist for aeSolutions. She provides consulting services for alarm management and process hazards analyses. Before realizing her passion for process safety, Sarah worked as a process design engineer on an assortment of both greenfield and brownfield facilities. At aeSolutions, she supports numerous oil and gas facilities and chemical plants with implementing their alarm management lifecycle and integrating it with their process safety lifecycle. Sarah has a BSChE from Colorado State University, ten years of industry experience and is a member of ISA 18.2 committee. Her passion for process safety motivated her to become an ISA Safety Instrumented Systems Fundamentals Specialist and her drive to transfer knowledge to improve the industry drove her to become an ISA instructor for the IC39C Alarm Management course.

Posts by Sarah Manelick:

October 3, 2019

How to keep the alarm management lifecycle evergreen

It is commonly touted that once a plant rationalizes their alarms, they have completed the alarm management lifecycle. Nothing could be further from the truth. So what can an organization do to keep the alarm lifecycle alive and evergreen?   Alarm management is the collection of processes and practices for determining, documenting, designing, operating, monitoring, […]

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July 17, 2018

IC39C class “ANSI/ISA 18.00.02 Management of Alarm Systems” in Anchorage, Alaska

I recently taught the International Society of Automation IC39C class “ANSI/ISA 18.00.02 Management of Alarm Systems” in Anchorage, Alaska.  The focus of the class is the ANSI/ISA-18.00.02 standard “Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries”. The class covers all of the key activities of the alarm management lifecycle provided within the standard.  These activities […]

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White Papers by Sarah Manelick:

Breathing life into the alarm management lifecycle

‘Evergreen’ and ‘lifecycle’ have become two common buzz words in our industry. They are thrown around in a variety of topics, processes, and philosophies as descriptions of how management plans should be set up. But what does it really mean to have an evergreen process? How does one keep a lifecycle alive? This is especially relevant when it comes to topics such as alarm management, where it is commonly touted that once a plant rationalizes their entire system, they have completed alarm management. This paper will deconstruct the alarm management lifecycle and pinpoint key aspects that can be integrated into process safety management systems and work processes that already exist. Tying the alarm management lifecycle to what is already being done as part of process safety and good engineering practice will help to ensure it remains ‘evergreen’ and delivers the intended benefits.

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