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Jim Garrison, PE , CAP, CFSE, is a professional engineer, a certified automation professional, and a certified functional safety expert with nine years of experience in engineering, engineering consulting, and construction in the power and chemical industries. Jim is a principal specialist with aeSolutions in Greenville, S.C., and he is the 2016-17 Vice President of Professional Development for ISA and a member of the 2016 ISA Executive Board.

Posts by Jim Garrison:

December 1, 2015

Portrait of the Automation Engineer as a Young Professional

Five Simple Points for New & Aspiring Engineers First off, hello and welcome to the field of automation (or instrumentation and controls, or electrical and instrumentation, or process control, or any of the other myriad names that our profession goes by). As you have probably already begun to notice, the paths that people take to […]

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August 20, 2015

As the valve turns

The first project I worked on out of college was the design of a large chemical plant. I spent a little more than a year as part of the design team and then volunteered to go to the field to provide I&C support during construction. It was a super exciting opportunity! Over the next year […]

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White Papers by Jim Garrison:

Validating Process Safety Assumptions Using Operations Data

As facilities are assessing risk, making recommendations for gap closure, and designing safety instrumented functions (SIFs), assumptions are made to facilitate calculations in the design phase of protection layers used to reduce the likelihood of hazards occurring. The purpose of this white paper is to identify key assumptions and replace the assumptions with real-world operations data to prove that the risk may be greater than perceptions based on design.

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