Craig Shell


Craig has 30 years of experience in facility management, process design, production, and process safety. He is an experienced process hazard analysis facilitator, layer of protection analysis (LOPA) facilitator, facility siting assessor, and detailed consequence modeler. Craig has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron in Ohio and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Craig’s hobbies and interests include bicycling, hiking, beach vacations, and international travel.

White Papers by Craig Shell:

Identifying Facility Siting Raw Risk and the Risk Reduction Decision Process

One of the outcomes of a facility siting study is the presentation of information to the facility site leadership team so they can recognize all of the hazards that can impact buildings intended for occupancy. It is this hazard recognition and risk reduction process that will be discussed in this paper. The authors will present a methodology for completing a facility siting assessment that starts with identifying a MCE, followed by breaking the MCE into additional credible events, and identifying likelihood and additional safeguards needed to manage the risk.

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