Creating Asset Inventory

Evaluating and selecting asset inventory solution

Why is Asset Inventory Important?
Asset inventory management is considered one of the most important capabilities for an organization to be able to defend against ransomware and other targeted malware threats. Knowing what ICS assets and applications are installed provides a foundation for deploying defense in depth strategies to secure critical assets.

Description of the Service

aeSolutions offers a service to develop the user requirements and assist through evaluation, selection and piloting of the solution. A typical project would include:

  • Requirements Workshop: aeSolutions will conduct an in-person workshop to develop requirements for asset inventory management. This includes identifying standard architectures, inventory of applications, configuration management, use cases, etc.

  • Develop Evaluation Criteria: Develop evaluation criteria based on results from the Requirements Workshop. The evaluation criteria will have a short term as well as longer term focus to ensure that selected products and solutions will scale across the enterprise.

  • Develop Vendor Shortlist: Generate a short list of products to evaluate. aeSolutions will develop a questionnaire and send it to a potential list of vendors. The responses to the questionnaire will be evaluated and vendors will be short listed (typically 2 – 3 vendors).


Service Deliverables

  • Initial inventory collection

  • Asset inventory requirements

  • Evaluation criteria

  • Vendor responses to questionnaire

  • Shortlist of vendors to further evaluate through pilot test

  • Pilot testing support

  • Deployment support

  • Maintenance Support

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