Top 5 Most Popular aeSolutions Blogs and Articles of 2019

Thank you for reading our articles this year and being a part of our industry discussions.  The following  were our most popular blogs and articles of 2019:


5. Cost considerations for burner management systems (BMS)

(and where picking safety integrity levels on burner management systems makes sense)

Safety is always a primary concern at any industrial site, and for good reason. But how much should you pay for that safety? While that question may have seemed blasphemous in days gone by, in today’s highly competitive business environment, unnecessary costs of any kind cannot be tolerated – and that includes safety instrumented systems, of which burner management systems are one type…. Read Full Blog



4. A simple strategy to drive consistency in the design of burner management systems (BMSs)

Everyone wants to provide a safe atmosphere for workers, facilities and the surrounding environment. The greatest risk in many process facilities comes from fired equipment. Burner management systems (BMSs) are the safety instrumented systems specific to fired equipment. The greatest challenge many asset owners face while evaluating the adequacy of their existing BMS designs comes from the inconsistency of results from one type of fired device to another of the same type (e.g., a heater or boiler) when using a risk assessment technique such as hazard and operability study (HAZOP) or layer of protection analysis (LOPA)….. Read Full Blog


3. Cyber PHA – The Perfect Technique to Ensure Your Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are Cyber Secure

In 2016, the global functional safety standard, IEC 61511, was updated to include two requirements regarding the security of a SIS. The first requirement states, “a security risk assessment shall be carried out to identify the security vulnerabilities of the SIS.” The second requires “the design of the SIS shall be such that it provides the necessary resilience against the identified security risks.”…. Read Full Blog


2. How Can I Protect my Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) from Cyber Threats?

In the past, many people believed that safety instrumented systems (SIS) were immune to cybersecurity issues because they were either completely separate, or they were connected, but independent from the control system. Unfortunately, in today’s world, that thinking can be very dangerous… Read Full Blog


1. Lessons learned by a refinery after accidentally shutting down their process control network

A refinery attempted to upgrade their almost 10-year-old process control network (PCN) switches in one unit during a planned maintenance window. The new switches were updated models made by the same manufacturer as the legacy switches. Workers moved the configuration files over, double and triple checked everything, installed the new switches and the unit was back up and running. Unfortunately, six other process units experienced outages and loss of view/loss of control across the refinery… Read Full Blog


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