Learn the associated hazards and design requirements of Burner Management Systems

Fired equipment is found throughout the process industry in many applications, including various types of boilers, ovens, kilns, incinerators, reboilers, bath heaters, process heaters, furnaces, etc. The hazards associated with the burner operation are managed by an instrumented system commonly referred to as the burner management system (BMS). The BMS provides interlocks and permissives to prevent misoperation of equipment and to safely handle faults caused by equipment failure. These events potentially result in uncontrolled fires, explosions, or implosions and in the unintended release of the materials being heated.  Process industries are routinely discovering that their BMS on their fired devices need to be upgraded due to:

  • Insurance audits inquiring about compliance gaps
  • Outdated BMS control systems requiring upgrade to appropriate codes
  • BMS carrying a health share of risk reduction (RRF) of hazardous scenarios

For these projects, owner/operators need to understand how to apply the various codes and standards to be compliant and know the options for customizing the design to their unique needs. aeSolutions has developed a training course to teach these aspects and provide instruction on safe, practical design.

This training course, Safety Instrumented Burner Management Systems, will soon be held for the last time of 2019 in the Philadelphia area, on Nov 12th & 13th. Instructed by Usman Kahn, this training course provides a review of the NFPA, API, ISA, IEC and FM standards that describe Burner Management System design. The requirements of a Burner Management System, based on the standards, are then used to design an example Burner Management System. In addition the course will present an overview on combustion control fundamentals, burner management system design and application of safety instrumented system concepts to burner management systems.

This is a great opportunity for staff and managers responsible for process safety management, engineering, production, and maintenance to learn BMS unit operation and associated combustion control techniques typically used to maintain a safe firing rate with emphasis on understanding associated hazards and design requirements to mitigate these hazards.

There is still time to not only sign-up for the course but also receive 30% off.  Early bird has been extended to November 8th!

 Learn more & sign-up here  : http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=azulfnqab&oeidk=a07egmln8ve099ffcf1


Instructor, Usman Khan

Usman Khan is a Professional Engineer in multiple North American jurisdictions with over 19 years of experience in instrumentation controls and process safety in the oil and gas and chemical industries. His technical expertise and experience is centered around multi-discipline engineering as well as operations of oil and gas assets. Usman’s work passion is centered around safety in design specifically around fired equipment. Usman was most recently the I&C and Process Safety Technical Authority for an operating oil and gas company where he managed the full design lifecycle of a multi-billion greenfield project and set company technical standards in addition to his regular day job of supporting existing producing assets. With his 360-degree experience working for instrumentation and control OEMs, EPCs and oil and gas companies in a wide variety of roles in project management and operations, Usman brings a unique perspective to the table. Usman is currently serving in an engineering leadership role, managing a group of engineers and safety professionals for aeSolutions’ Houston office.

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