Join us at the 2019 ISA Process Industry Conference November 4-6


This year’s event has been expanded to deliver more comprehensive technical content to a broader range of professionals in the energy processing and process manufacturing industries.  ISA 2019 Process Industry Conference (formerly known as PCS) brings together ISA, with leading experts in process instrumentation and control, cybersecurity and safety, robotics, subsea automation, and other critical industry areas.  Come by and meet some of the aeSolutions’ experts in the exhibitor space, booth #12.


We’re excited to have 3 aeSolutions’ team members presenting this year!

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Monday Nov 4th, Paul Gruhn will be presenting :  Process Safety Management, Jenga, Drift, and Preventing Process Industry Accidents

Room: Hibiscus 2

There have been many well publicized process industry accidents over the last several decades. Much has been written about them, and many lessons learned have been proposed. Yet evidence would indicate there has not been a lessening of industry accidents. More recent realization of the complexity of modern processes, and the organizations responsible for designing, building, running, and maintaining them, has resulted in a broader understanding of accident causation, and what can be done to try and prevent further incidents. This presentation will review the previous thinking process and recommendations, and offer an alternative approach and recommendations.

Monday Nov 4th, Marco Ayala will be presenting : Cybersecurity Lifecycle Integrated with Process Safety Management

Room: Hibiscus 3

Cybersecurity Lifecycle Integrated with Process Safety Management and the need for tightly coupled safety, cybersecurity and how industry is working towards a converged lifecycle. Operational safety and integrity are key to success and cybersecurity in any hazardous environment not only needs consideration but site assessing.

Tuesday Nov 5th,  Greg Hardin will be presenting :  Conducting an Effective Functional Safety Assessment

Room : Hibiscus 2

The Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) is a sometimes neglected requirement of the functional safety standards. The ANSI/ISA-61511 (previous revision was ANSI/ISA-84.00.01) and IEC-61511 standards require that at least one FSA be conducted prior to hazards, which are to be protected against or mitigated by instrumented protective functions, being introduced into the process. The standards also specify five different stages of the Safety Lifecycle (SLC) at which an FSA can be conducted, and the latest version of the ISA standard adds an additional mandatory FSA. The FSA is required to be executed in such a way that “judgement can be made as to the functional safety and safety integrity achieved by every SIF of the SIS”. While the standards do offer some guidance on what an FSA should cover, that guidance is very general. Part of conducting an effective FSA is identifying the scope of the assessment. This can be particularly troubling for large projects with multiple parties (engineering contractors, vendors, consultants, etc.) involved. This presentation will cover examples of poor assessments, assessments done too late to have any impact, what can happen if the scope is poorly defined, suggestions to make assessments more effective, and the impact of the latest version of IEC 61511.

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