Maintaining Compliance for Fired Devices

“Fired devices are stringently regulated for process industries, so be sure to keep up with governing standards. But what sorts of changes would trigger a need to comply with the latest version of the standard?

Fired devices are perhaps the most stringently regulated equipment used in the process industries. NFPA 85/86/87 are the governing standards for boilers, heaters and furnaces in the U.S. Other industry standards, such as those from the American Petroleum Institute (API), are overlays or equivalent designs that the refining industry has developed based on NFPA 85/86/87. These standards are periodically updated to leverage developments in the industry and improve the safe operation and design of fired equipment.

These periodic updates can cause concern for owners, engineers and designers of fired equipment, who need to question when a new standard needs to apply to their installation…”


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Excerpt taken from AutomationWorld 08/09/2018

By  , Professional Engineer, Applied Engineering Solutions




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