DWG Selects aeShield® Safety Lifecycle Management Platform to Support Customers in the Benelux Region

Greenville, South Carolina, USA – October 5, 2017aeSolutions®, the engineering leader in integrating process safety engineering, industrial cybersecurity and automation, announced today that DWG, a  process, process-/functional safety, electrical, automation & IT company in Rotterdam, has selected the aeShield® Safety Lifecycle Management platform to support their customers in the Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg Regions.

“Our society is changing continuously with respect to energy, safety and sustainability,” states Enrico Lammers, Chief Process Officer for DWG. “We believe that technology will be a key player in achieving this transition. We want to explore, learn and combine new technologies to provide solutions for our customers to make a step forward today and in the future. In our search for technology to comply with our mission we compared several options, but found aeShield by far the best available technology to keep the process safety information evergreen and to manage the process safety lifecycle. We are very happy to have found a partner in aeSolutions which shares the same values and beliefs as DWG.”

Mike Scott, Executive Vice President of Global Process Safety Technology for aeSolutions adds, “Our relationship with DWG increases our global reach enabling us to help more customers achieve their process safety lifecycle management objectives using aeShield.”

With aeShield, DWG will be able to provide a consolidated toolkit to help their customers manage the entire process safety lifecycle as defined in IEC 61511. This includes monitoring the performance of protection layers versus early front-end assumption as having full traceability with aeShield’s inherent revision control.

Lammers emphasizes, “It’s our mission to optimize the total efficiency, process safety performance, reliability and sustainability of assets. We achieve this by working together, integrated in our customers’ organizations, and provide the knowledge and tooling to optimize the complete asset- and process safety lifecycle.”

“This relationship is certainly another step toward aeSolutions achieving our mission to continuously improve the process safety performance of industry,” Scott explains further. “Working with DWG was an easy decision for us because we feel that they are structured in a similar manner to aeSolutions regarding talented personnel, company values and a passion for improvement.”

aeSolutions and DWG collaborated to get DWG configured and trained to support clients immediately.


About aeSolutions

In business since 1998, aeSolutions is a complete supplier of performance-based process safety engineering and automation solutions. To fulfill their mission of continuously improving the safety performance of the process industry, they utilize proven processes to help ensure consistent project execution and help customers optimize production, quality, and safety. aeSolutions is committed to providing engineering services that enable our clients to sustainably own, operate, and maintain their process facilities. For more information, visit www.aesolns.com.

About aeShield

aeSolutions started designing aeShield after realizing the one thing that would ultimately improve the process safety of the process industry was a database-driven safety lifecycle platform created for engineers by engineers. Their engineers’ functional safety lifecycle experience with mounds of paperwork, multiple data sources, and labor intensive management of change requirements drove the need for a simpler way and a software framework to pave that path. aeShield enables users to cost effectively maintain their entire process safety lifecycle documentation in an evergreen fashion. For more information on the software, visit www.aeshield.com.

About DWG

DWG provides automated solutions. The driving force is passion for customer, technique and quality. DWG distinguishes itself by delivering process, electrical, automation & IT from one hand. DWG is also committed to innovation, sustainability and safety. Due to DWG’s unique structure, DWG is not only able to help customers with their process or automation system, but also with challenges such as predictive maintenance, energy management, cyber security, big data analysis, virtualization and standardization. For more information, visit www.dwg.nl.


Media Contact: For more information, contact Jodi Pietrowski of aeSolutions at jodi.pietrowski@aesolns.com and (864) 404-3074.

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