aeShield® for Process Safety Lifecycle Management has been selected by BP for Global Integration for All Upstream Facilities, Saves Time and Money

Process Safety Lifecycle Management Tool

Process Safety Lifecycle Management Tool Selected for BP Global Integration for All Upstream Facilities

Greenville, South Carolina, USA – July 18, 2016aeSolutions, the leader in process safety engineering and automation, announced today that after a three-year software evaluation period, BP has selected aeShield® to assist asset personnel in monitoring Control, Alarm and Safety Instrumented Systems (CASIS) performance for all upstream oil & gas assets around the globe. To date, it has been a challenge to automate the monitoring of these devices due to the lack of common systems in place across BP’s facilities.

By using aeShield, BP will achieve centralized reporting, standard enforcement consistent with internal procedures, reduced man-hours, monitored IPLs, and efficient Management of Change (MOC) tracking. During initial rollout, BP will focus on HAZOP/LOPA studies, Safety Requirements Specification, SIL verification, and IPL performance monitoring.

aeShield provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The software seamlessly transfers data from the HAZOP/LOPA, to SIS design and verification, and into Operations and Maintenance activities. This contiguous data model simplifies monitoring protection layer (both SIF and IPL) performance against assumptions made during the initial risk assessment and design versus current real world performance.

“aeShield provides the exact solution needed for complex global operations.  Our software platform centralizes data providing for one source of the truth, which is invaluable – saving time, money, and improving overall safety programs.  A software implementation with this kind of impact in an organization cannot be taken lightly,” states Mike Scott, Executive Vice President of Global Process Safety Technology for aeSolutions. “We are moving forward supporting BP on their process safety journey. Most importantly we are focused on making safety simple, which allows businesses to reduce risk and improve business performance.”

About aeSolutions

In business since 1998, aeSolutions is a complete supplier of performance-based process safety engineering and automation solutions. To fulfill their mission of continuously improving the safety performance of the process industry, they utilize proven processes to help ensure consistent project execution and help customers optimize production, quality, and safety. aeSolutions is committed to providing engineering services that enable our clients to sustainably own, operate, and maintain their process facilities.

About aeShield

aeSolutions started designing aeShield after realizing the one thing that would ultimately improve the process safety of the process industry was a database-driven safety lifecycle platform created for engineers by engineers.  Our own engineers’ functional safety lifecycle experience with mounds of paperwork, multiple data sources, and labor intensive management of change requirements drove the need for a simpler way and a software framework to pave that path. aeShield enables users to cost effectively maintain their entire process safety lifecycle documentation in an evergreen fashion. For more information on our software, visit us at


Media Contact: For more information, contact Jodi Pietrowski of aeSolutions at and (864) 404-3074.

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