aeSolutions to Launch a New HAZOP/LOPA Tool, aeFacilitator in March 2014

Greenville, South Carolina, USA – aeSolutions is pleased to announce that aeFacilitator will be released in March 2014 aimed at facilities operating under OSHA’s Process Safety Management Requirements. This new software includes tools for facilitating and executing HAZOP and LOPA studies. aeFacilitator is the ultimate tool for process risk management providing the following features:

  • Evergreen PHA concept support
  • Standardized methodologies across the enterprise
  • Centralized data for future usability and multi-study analysis
  • Unlimited user access per facility
  • Auto-revision study documents (MOC)
  • AsBuilt protection layer information leveraged
  • Action plans for gap closure
  • Standardized templates
  • Visible accountability and verification during project execution

“Designed by process safety professionals who complete HAZOP and LOPA studies daily, aeFacilitator includes not only the basic requirements for execution but also the usability features and timesaving tools to lower the cost of managing critical process safety data”, stated Mike Scott, Executive Vice President of Process Safety for aeSolutions. Mr. Scott went on to point out that aeSolutions leveraged it’s expertise around the entire process safety lifecycle to ensure that the output from aeFacilitator provides the necessary information for the activities that follow LOPA, ensuring that closure of any identified gaps in risk reduction can be tracked to a point of closure. He also discussed that combined with aeSolutions Safety Lifecycle Management tool aeShield, aeFacilitator will assist facilities in validation and verification of critical assumptions made during the risk analysis activities.

“When you have a tool created by people who understand the big picture, the result is a tool centered on user experience that will enhance effective use of data and recommendations.”

aeFacilitator is available as a stand-alone product with unlimited users or bundled with aeShield, a Safety Lifecycle Management platform designed by aeSolutions. When used in conjunction with aeShield, PSM facilities can leverage the data and decisions throughout their project work and MOCs. Recommendations and protection layer credits can be gathered into action plans with stakeholder and accountability assignments to ensure successful project implementation.

About aeSolutions

In business since 1998, aeSolutions is a complete supplier of performance-based process safety engineering and automation solutions. To fulfill their mission of continuously improving the safety performance of the process industry, they utilize proven processes to help ensure consistent project execution and help customers optimize production, quality, and safety. aeSolutions is committed to providing engineering services that enable their clients to sustainably own, operate, and maintain their process facilities.

aeSolutions to launch a new HAZOP/LOPA tool, aeFacilitator in March 2014 (pdf)