Risk Management and Compliance

At aeSolutions, we believe the greatest influence over any project’s success or failure comes from teaming specialized personnel with our clients’ needs at the beginning—long before actual implementation begins.

As a supplier of complete risk management solutions, we pride ourselves on providing engineers from industry with design, maintenance, operating, and process safety backgrounds. Our risk management specialists understand process safety and risk management program implementation requirements and how plants operate because they have actually worked in covered processes and facilities.

Achieving and Sustaining Compliance

We use our experience in the global development and implementation of process safety, risk management and security programs to assist clients with achieving their loss-prevention goals. Whether it’s regulatory applicability, development and implementation of written management systems, or ongoing compliance management, our team has the skills and knowledge to meet our clients’ needs.

We provide experienced auditors to perform regulatory-required three-year compliance audits, augment client audit teams, or conduct more frequent informal risk-based assessments. Our facilitators are skilled in conducting new and revalidated PHAs, Facility Siting Studies, Incident Investigations, Layers of Protection Analyses, and Job Safety Analyses. We can also assist in preparing and submitting USEPA RM Plans and any necessary updates.

Our Expertise

As a nationally recognized expert in chemical process safety and risk management, aeSolutions can help our clients understand how these programs apply to their operations and then provide the guidance necessary to achieve compliance. Our in-depth knowledge of these regulations along with our process experience allows us to develop individualized compliance strategies built upon existing programs. aeSolutions can take the lead on implementing these strategies or can complement in-house engineering and manufacturing teams to minimize cost while achieving risk management and loss prevention goals.

Our Risk Management and Compliance Services

  • Compliance Audits (SIS Audits, Functional Safety Assessments, PSM/RMP, NEP, Client Internal Requirements)
  • PSM/RMP Program Development & Implementation
  • Management of Change Program Development & Implementation
  • SLC Program Development & Implementation
  • S99 Control Systems Security Programs
  • Security Vulnerability Analysis/CFAT PSM/SIS Training Courses