Process Automation Systems

Modernizing for Productivity and Profit


aeSolutions has years of experience automating industrial processes using state of the art Distributed Control System technologies.

From the proprietary control system processors of the 1990's, to the powerful open-systems DCS platforms of today, aeSolutions engineers have provided process automation solutions to clients in every type of industry: chemical, polymer, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, mining, oil and gas, refining, combustion, power, and utilities, water treatment, and more.

Using comprehensive standards for project definition and execution, aeSolutions promises a Successful Result from the Start™

  • Distributed Control Systems, 300 tags to 30,000 tags
  • Batch, Continuous, and Sequential controls
  • Advanced and model-based controls
  • Communications, networks, security
  • Human-Machine Interface solutions
  • Safety and Control Systems Integration