Basic Process Control System

Delivering Value

Industrial manufacturing companies have always been challenged to produce more with less. In fact, the productivity of yesterday's most efficiently operated companies is no longer good enough for even mid-pack performance today. And the current corporate downsizing trend can make clearing the productivity bar even more difficult.

We understand the economic pressures our customers face. We recognize that even though we supply automation solutions, our customers expect us to be much more than that. They expect us to be skilled in all aspects of process control engineering. They know that the greatest influence over project success or failure comes from the earliest stages of conceptual design, long before the actual programming effort ever begins.

Our Services
Our professional engineers and specialists understand every aspect of a typical process controls project. We have experience in a multitude of Basic Process Control systems (BPCS) applications including batch, continuous, sequential and advanced process control. Our engineering services cover a wide spectrum of project needs:
  • Project Management
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Scope Definition
  • Front End Loading (FEL)
  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • BPCS Configuration
  • BPCS Fabrication
  • BPCS Testing
  • Commissioning Planning
  • FCO & Startup
  • O&M Manuals & Training