Network Design

Distributing Monitoring and Control

aeSolutions designs industry standard as well as vendor specific networks for distributing controllers, I/O, data servers, and operator stations.

Networks like Industrial Ethernet can be a composite of cables, fiber optics, and wireless systems, with managed switches and routers.

Control system vendors usually recommend products and standards that they have tested for reliability, bandwidth, deterministic protocols, redundancy, distances, and industrial environments.

Access points between the wide area enterprise networks and the critical control system networks must be managed carefully.

Installation quality and signal testing are critical to achieving a fast, reliable control network.

  • Distributed I/O networks
  • Controller communication networks
  • HMI servers and client networks
  • Switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Single mode and multimode fiber optics
  • Coax and twisted pair cables
  • Drawings and Bills of Material