Combustion Management Engineering


Improving Efficiency Through Comprehensive Control Packages

Our Combustion Management Solutions (CMS) offer a cost-effective, safe option for integrated Burner Management (BMS) and Combustion Control (CCS) systems. Pre-engineered and pre-packaged, with pre-configured software and a touchscreen HMI, our systems are easy to deliver, install, and use.

A totally integrated solution to both burner safety and burner efficiency, our CMS results in a complete and cost-effective control package for simple burner/fuel combinations.

  • Capable of interfacing with a wide variety of field devices
  • Can be designed to meet up to SIL2 or SIL3 requirements for SIS design while maintaining the flexibility to meet specific plant application needs
  • Easily customized for integration with existing equipment and electrical enclosures

Our solution meets national requirements for single-burner, dual-fuel combustion safeguard applications, as well as for multiple-burner, multiple-fuel scenarios. CCSs are designed to dramatically improve combustion efficiency to reduce the impact on the environment and on your bottom line.