"One of the reasons I like working at aeSolutions is that if I have a concern about what’s going on—with a customer, with a project I’m working on, or even with a company policy—I can go directly to one of the owners and discuss it with them. They are always accessible, they respond honestly and they seriously consider what I have to say. To me, being able to talk directly with the final decision maker is a real plus."
—Wayne, Principal Specialist, Safety and Control Systems


aeSolutions is committed to employing high-integrity professionals who will work closely with teammates and clients to deliver engineering solutions that meet or exceed process safety goals.

We seek experts in the process safety arena and engineering and automation fields who are motivated to achieve and are passionate about excellence.

Talented employees are the foundation of every project we execute throughout the country. We offer opportunities to take your career to the next level in a challenging and fast-paced environment that values creativity, problem-solving, and drive.

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Employees Are Rewarded

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aeSolutions is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer (EEOE).